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Quality Precision Machining at Mat-Tech in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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Mat-Tech, Inc is a family owned
and operated CNC Machine Shop
located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mat-Tech Inc. is a family owned and operated CNC machine shop located in the Riverwest Industrial Area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We offer machining of all types of ferrous and nonferrous metals, maintaining the tightest tolerances and delivery deadlines. From single piece prototype work to high volume production jobs of 20,000 pieces or more, Mat-Tech guarantees competitive pricing, on time delivery and quality precision machining. We also offer automated welding and basic assembly services as required by our customers.

With over 30 years of machining under our belt and an 84,000 square foot facility, Mat-Tech has stood the test of time in the turbulent manufacturing industry here in the Midwest. Over the years, we have remained flexible and willing to adapt to our customers’ requirements. We invite you to contact us so we may become your one stop shop for all production and prototype machining needs.

Tool Die and Machining Association of Wisconsin

Precision Machining Equipment Mat-Tech Milwaukee

Vertical Machining

With a maximum envelope of 92”x32”x24” our Vertical Machining Centers are capable of machining large, heavy steel forgings seven plus feet long, as well as small aluminum castings that weigh a few ounces. This diversity makes Mat-Tech an easy choice for all your machining needs.

Precision Machining Equipment Mat-Tech Milwaukee

Horizontal Machining

With multiple pallets, Mat-Tech’s Horizontal Machining Centers keep our spindles turning and load times to a minimum. This keeps costs low for our customers, saving all parties time and money. Our largest Horizontal Machining Center has an envelope of 24”x24”x24”.

Precision Machining Equipment Mat-Tech Milwaukee

CNC Turning Centers

From small, thru spindle bar-pulled parts to large 24” diameter castings and forgings, our CNC Turning Centers can do it all. Mat-Tech has the capability to machine up to 24” diameter and 50” centers down to parts less than 1/8” diameter. High volume or small jobs.

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